Insurance Policies


​Not every car is the same, just as not every insurance coverage for your vehicles should be the same.  Learn about all of the necessary coverages and optional coverages that can protect you and your family when you drive.


​We will work to tailor the coverage you need to fit the home where you live.  Protect the extra assets that you own like jewelry and firearms while making sure that will have help you need when and if a claim should occur.


​Remember just because your outside walls are protected by your condo association, you still have assets and possible liabilities that need covered. Contact our office to learn about your options. 


I don’t have very many assets to protect in my apartment.  That does not mean that you do not need renters’ insurance.  Suppose that you accidently start a fire in your kitchen.  Guess who is responsible to fix the building that burned?  That’s right it is you.  Let us protect you from the unexpected.


Relax and enjoy the fresh air as you know that your insurance needs are covered.  Helmet coverage and towing coverage on your touring-type bike are included.


Make sure that your property, liability, loss of income are covered.  Learn about the necessary coverages to protect you.


​When asked what their largest asset they insure most people answer with their “home.”  Although this is their most expensive asset insured, their life and earning power is their largest asset. Always protect your financial future by insuring you and your families lives.

Personal Liability

​Don’t jeopardize your lifestyle by facing a lawsuit alone. Learn how a personal umbrella policy can protect you and your assets when the unexpected strikes.